DJC: Hobson Place housing opens

Congratulations to Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) for the grand opening of the first phase of Hobson Place!

When complete, the development will provide 177 units of permanent supportive housing and medical care for people who have experienced long-term homelessness. The first six-story phase has 85 apartments. The second seven-story final phase will have 92 units and a 28,000-square-foot behavioral and physical health clinic operated by DESC and Harborview Medical Center, respectively. All the apartments will be studios averaging 340 square feet.

The Clinic at Hobson Place will serve tenants and other community members each year, the organization said. Daniel Malone, executive director of DESC, said it will be unique for the Puget Sound region in that it will focus on a higher needs population that has mental or physical disabilities and has been homeless long-term.

He said that when you get both behavioral and physical health care together “you’re much more likely to address the full range of issues that you have.” For instance, if you have a psychiatric issue, you’re less likely to address a physical issue and vice versa.

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