Sitka Treehouse

Metropolis Magazine: “In Seattle, the Sitka Is Raising the Bar for Environmental Design”

Sitka was featured in Metropolis Magazine’s November/December 2020 print issue in “SUSTAINABLE: A Natural High,” by Erin Langner.

“The Sitka, like the area around it, is decidedly green: The complex is certified LEED for Homes Platinum, is a 2020 winner of the U.S. Green Building Council award for outstanding multifamily project, and has an energy use intensity (EUI) rating of just 16—one of the lowest of any apartment building nationwide. And then there are those Northwest elements in the courtyard, where street-level entrances merge: Natural light spills over each building’s sloped rooftop into the courtyard, and a stream weaves throughout it, between rock walls and quivering conifers.”

“We’re incorporating off-the-shelf products to use [existing] systems in unique ways… I want to dispel a belief within the industry that this [kind of sustainable solution] isn’t affordable,” said Principal Brian Runberg on Sitka’s innovative wastewater heat recovery system.

Read the online version here.

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