Case Study: Batik Apartments – healthy living for residents and the community

Metropolis Magazine recently featured Batik Apartments in its inaugural “Design for Impact – Case Studies in Design for a Better Future”. This collection of case studies is meant to showcase “a comprehensive cross section of projects that are driving incredible¬† positive outcomes in energy reduction, carbon reduction, health, economy, and community. Taken together, they offer some vital insights into the state of responsible design and construction.”

Batik is one of two projects from the North West and it shows how thoughtful design and innovative strategies can create a practical and replicable solution that puts health and wellness of residents first. “But Batik’s nod to its health-focused origins doesn’t stop there: it’s also one of the most energy-efficient multifamily buildings in the region, achieving and energy-use intensity rating (EUI) of just 17kBtu/ft2/yr – less than half the energy use of a typical new multifamily building of this type.”

Read the full case study here.