Join Brian Runberg at Greenbuild 2022 in San Francisco on November 1

Over the last 15 years of collaboration on multifamily projects in Seattle, Runberg Architecture Group, Ecotope, and Vulcan Real Estate have developed and refined an “off-the-shelf,” highly-replicable approach to creating high-performing multifamily buildings using existing energy-saving technology.

Join us for the Greenbuild conference in San Francisco and learn why this approach has value-add for developers, creates healthier buildings for tenants, and is environmentally-friendly with low energy and water usage rates that are future-proof for code cycle changes. The session, titled “Creating a Carbon Copy: What Batik Can Teach Us About Replicating High-performing Multifamily Design at a Market Rate,” takes place November 1 at 1:30 PM and Brian Runberg will be presenting alongside Shawn Oram (Ecotope) and Brandon Morgan (Vulcan Real Estate).

Use the code INVITE22 for a discount on your registration. Register here.