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Nine and Pine

Located in downtown Seattle at the corner of 9th Avenue and Pine Street, the Nine and Pine project site is uniquely situated above an underground Metro tunnel that occupies more than sixty percent of the site footprint. The development addresses the challenge of structurally bridging the tunnel with a series of trusses at the ground floor. The project includes tri-level, semi-automated car parking stackers and adds 74 units of housing over retail space on a previously under-utilized site. The project’s massing responds to the unique site condition of movement patterns: pedestrian movement along 9th Avenue, pedestrian and automobile movement along Pine Street and the below-grade movement of the bus tunnel.

  • Client

    Teutsch Partners
  • Status

    Completed 2015
  • Total SF

  • Residential SF

  • Commercial SF

  • Residential Units


9 + Pine uses tri-level parking stackers and trusses to bridge the Metro Bus Tunnel located a few feet under the site.