Culver City Senior Living

Located in Southern California’s “Heart of Screenland,” Culver City Senior Living takes design cues from the iconic California-modern aesthetic. Culver City has a rich history in movie and television production and has evolved into a lively, active community surrounded by traditional residential uses. The five-story, 134-unit mixed-use building incorporates a clean geometry and material palette, and its crisp lines evoke a modern take on a classic, mid-century design.

The facility provides retail and housing options for active and supportive senior living. Communal programmatic elements—such as the dining room, lobby and living space—are strategically located to surround the large, vibrant courtyard. The central courtyard redirects a vista back to a tree-lined single-family residential street, representing the quintessential life, which allows residents to feel connected to the larger neighborhood. A public plaza at the ground level along Washington Boulevard leads to retail services open to residents and community members.

  • Client

    SRM Development
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    Under Construction
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Construction Update - December 2022