Vivo Mercer

Vivo Mercer is a 113-unit mixed-use residential building that will seamlessly tuck into the Uptown District of the Queen Anne neighborhood, providing needed housing to this increasingly dense area. The street level of the building will provide pedestrian-scale local art, widened sidewalks, and active lobby space. With a focus on open-air shared spaces and a large rooftop lounge and expansive deck, Vivo Mercer seeks to foster the Uptown District’s unique expressive character and authentically Seattle sensibilities.

  • Client

    SRM Development
  • Status

    Construction Documents
  • Total SF

  • Residential SF

  • Residential Units

  • Partners

    • SRM Construction
    • KPFF Consulting Engineers
    • Brumbaugh & Associates
    • DCI Engineers
    • Emerald City Engineers
    • SRM Interiors
    • Bee Consulting
    • ArchEcology
    • A3 Acoustics
  • Certifications

    Targeting LEED Gold